The 2017 Vintage

The climatic conditions

A cold and dry winter takes place in the first quarter of 2017. January, just as wintry as December, offers fresh temperatures (close to 0°C), below the seasonal standards. Delicate ice crystals dressed the vineyard during several weeks, beautiful ephemeral enchantment of nature.

Without any snow or significant rainfalls, the beginning of season presents a water deficit of more than 70 mm compared to normal. Temperatures become warmer in the coming weeks but water shortages give cause of concern.

Mid-March shows the twilight of winter, the over target temperatures lead to a quick and hasty development of the vine. The swelling bud is observed on March, 20th and some plots already reveal woody buds: prelude of an early year.

On April, 6th the first leaves appear in Vosne Romanée, temperatures are then flirting around 25°C. Throughout this month, the sunlight will be above normal under a gradual mildness. By mid-April, the 3rd and 4th leaves have now unfolded, the vine shoot is quite visible. In the second half of April weather conditions switch to cold.

The fear of reliving the frost of 2016 is omnipresent. Again, morning frosts cause winemakers to fear the worst. Solidarity sets in, all are committed to a common goal.

From April 27th to 29th, candles, straw and vine shoots fires, braziers are lit from dawn in several villages. A thick veil of smoke dressed all the Côte to protect the young shoot from the first rays of sun. Luckily, disaster is avoided but the low temperatures significantly slow down the crop development for almost 3 weeks.

The stage of 5 to 6 spread leaves is hardly reached at the beginning of May. Then, during the second half of May, a significant increase in temperatures leds to an explosive growth. The flowering is
reached in just over three days at the end of May. Thanks to these ideal conditions, the grapes present a great regularity and already herald good quantities.

The vegetation grows at an unbridled pace during June, the pressing work in the vineyard allows no rest. Excessive temperatures, close to 39°C on June 21, lead to very fast growth of berries, a little scalding and the beginning of water stress.

The stage of bunch closure is reached on June 30 in Côte de Nuits. The rainfalls and the heat will alternate throughout July, the berries and shoots grow at a steady pace. The ripening is observed from July, 31.

August goes hand-in-hand with heat and drought. Sugars increase very quickly but the phenolic maturity has not yet been reached due to the very dry weather. As Nature naturally finds its balance
point, the long-waited rainfalls arrive on last days of August and provide the lacking balance. The maturing will peacefully and perfectly follow its path till the first half of September. 

The harvests

Foretaste with the Crémant Cuvée « Chloé » on August, 28th. Vincent gives the go-ahead to harvest on September, 8th in Savigny and 1er Cru « Les Narbantons », then on 9th in Beaune at 1er Cru « Les
Avaux » and on 10th at Pernand Vergelesses. On Monday 11th, the harvesting team had cut the Chambolle Musigny and Gevrey Chambertin, then on 12th in the plots Vosne Romanée 1er Cru « Les Petits Monts », Richebourg and Nuits St Georges 1er Cru « Aux Boudots ». A small team reached Bourgogne Blancs and Aligoté on the same day. On 13th, the large team joined Fixin and « Vieille Vigne ». On Saturday 14th, some harvested Vosne Romanée and « Les Maizières Hautes », while others picked Bourgognes Rouges and « Sapidus ». On 15th and 16th, time has come to harvest Vougeot . 

1er Cru « Les Cras » and « Petits Vougeots », Echezeaux and « La Grande Complication », Clos de Vougeot and Grands-Echezeaux. Meanwhile, a small team continued in Marsannay « Clos du Roy ».
Nuits St Georges village and « Les Plateaux » reached the winery on September 17th, then on 18th in Vosne Romanée 1er Cru « En Orveaux » and « Les Suchots ». On 19th et 20th, great care has been
taken in Hautes-Côtes de Nuits rouges « Les Dames Huguettes » and « La Croix », then the white cuvée of « Le Prieuré » has been pressed.

The second team picked the Coteaux Bourguignons « La Superbe » and Bourgogne Passetoutgrain « Le Libertin ». At least, the harvest came into its conclusion on September 21th under magnificent
sunshine and 22°C mild temperature. 

The wines

The red wines show glowing and vibrant colours, garnet to ruby red. Fresh and gourmet red fruits offer a magnificent generosity on very rich and expressive aromatic range. The tannins are round, silky and fine and emphasized the harmony and the balance of this elegant vintage. As for white wines, beautiful exotic fruit and peach notes combine with a right acidity and offer freshness and aromatic complexity in the purest elegance of the Chardonnay.