The 2018 Vintage

The climatic conditions

Rain, rain, rain: Here is the melancholic chorus of 2018 starting season. January, February and March are showing 375 mm of cumulative rainfall in Vosne Romanée while average precipitation on last 30 years is 160 mm on the 3 first month of the year. Soils labor and pruning season is much harder than usual because of wet and muddy earth. Mechanization must be replaced by handy work. But far from water torment, rainfall is very welcome in our Vineyards. Nature knows how to be generous and full of kindness: Vines are recollecting their hydric resources after 2017 heavy dryness summer. Early April is sleepy head with cold temperature under 10°C by night and a covered grey sky during daytime. Vine bud burst is long coming before suddenly awakening…

19th of April comes as a prelude for new adventure! Wooly buds finally show up. On the 20th, first leaves appeared and successively on the 21st, next stage leaves unfold. Hectic pace goes on: the 29th of April grapes are visible, the 6th of May they are spread out. With high temperature and hydric potential assured, 2018 meets the club of precocious vintage as 2007 or 2011. Flowering starts the 25th of May in Vosne Romanée under 34°C.

Same Observation from Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits: Flowering season goes super-fast, at the same rhythm, at the same moment. Far away is the idea that Chardonnay was growing faster than Pinot Noir!

Rainfall comes back from 27th of May and high temperatures (30°C) offered fast growth under this “almost” tropical climate. Those conditions will last until mid-June and the results on the grapes are very interesting. Stems are longer, berries number increased but still well-spaced and aerated. Moderate to strong East wind has moved in for second part of the month. Temperature averaged is 28°C and rainfall stopped definitely. The stage “closing of the clusters” is reached for most of our parcels end of June.

July rhymes with dry, recording extreme temperature (40°C) on the 25th and 26th. Early morning works is inevitable to avoid that the fruit gets scalded.

Three storms will play our serenity but without any damage for our vineyards. Their rain will be very benefic with 12mm on the 5th, 13.2mm on the 16th and 26.2mm on the 21st of July. From 25th July to mid-august, ripening stage is mastering. 2018 vintage joins now precocious vintage 2015 and 2017. Days of sunshine superior to normal and increasing dryness during August boost a high sugar concentration. Therefore, we must wait for phenolic maturity to consider the best yield.

The harvests

It all started the 6th of September in Savigny Village and 1er Cru and Beaune 1er Cru “Les Avaux”.

The 7th we harvested Fixin and its “Vieille Vigne” then back to Côte de Beaune on the 8th with Pernand Vergelesses but also Gevrey and Chambolle.

Sunday 9th is spend on Vosne Romanée and Vougeot with “Les Maizières Hautes”, 1ers Crus “En Orveaux”, “Les Cras”, “Les Petits Vougeots ».

The 10th, grapes from greatest appellation Richebourg and Grands Echezeaux are happily welcomed in the winery.

11th and 12th will be for Echezeaux, “La Grande Complication”, “Les Suchots” and “Les Petits Monts”.

On the next day, we keep going with Nuits St Georges “Les Plateaux” and “Aux Boudots” followed on 14th and 15th by Bourgogne Pinot Noir and “Sapidus”.

Bourgogne Chardonnay and Aligoté are harvested on the 16th with Bourgogne Passetoutgrain “Aux Rouges Champs”.

On the next day, we split the team, one in Marsannay “Clos du Roy” and Hautes-Côtes de Nuits “Le Prieuré”, the second team harvest our Coteaux Bourguignons.

We finally put an end to this great adventure on 18th and 19th with Hautes-Côtes de Nuits “Les Dames Huguettes” and “La Croix”.

The wines

Born from another “Sunny Vintage”, wines have generous alcoholic level. Biggest challenge for Vincent was to conserve the balance of his wines. This is why he holds every tank to 28-30°C maximum during the whole alcoholic fermentation, pleasing the yeast who could survive longer and give their best. Great colors for the reds with a beautiful black and red fruits extraction offering richness for this juicy vintage.

Soft tannins offer an amazing structure and power. The acidity is completing the perfect balance. Rich and fruity, white wines promise a beautiful future with their deepness and freshness. From Winemakers Memories, the exceptional 2018 vintage flirts with the mythic 1947! Great new for greatest connoisseurs!