The Style and the Manner

Nature becomes perfume

The vinification requires a vigilant and constant serveillance because a good fermentation as to be made at 30°C, therefore, the importance of the control temperature installations for a good thermal regulation of each the fermenting vats.

After fermenting for 12 or 15 days, when the sugar is fully converted into alcohol, the devatting takes place. A supple pressing is made in one shot, in order to not introduce excess tannins. A pneumatic press allows a nice extraction of bright wines with less pressure.

The wine is then place in a tank to unify the press juice and the free-run juice, and then taken down in the cellar by gravity and placed in new barrels in various proportion depending on the vintage and the appellation.

The oak barrels are from l’Allier, la Nièvre. Our woods are dried in open air and barriques slightly burnt in order to give roundness and smoothness during the ageing period.