The art is in the know-how

Respectful of the tradition, Vincent Mongeard practices the vinification at the Domaine with the greatest care. The grapes are destemmed completely except for the appellation Richebourg for which we keep one third of the stems. The crop is then put in the vats were the alcoholic fermentation will take place. Equip with a very sensitive sulphate-measuring pump, he practices a traditional and moderate sulphating, nevertheless necessary because of the sulphurous anhydride (SO2) which is a natural antiseptic preservative that allows neutralising the development of bacteria.

A moderate cool maceration of between 4 to 5 days, depending of the vintage, allows to obtain the extraction of the colouring matter, aromas and tannins. The start of the fermentation process is natural.

 It increases the temperature and multiplication of the yeast. Under this effect, the sugar is transform in alcohol by freeing carbonic gas, the must then turning into wine.