Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru
"Aux Boudots"
Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée

Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru "Aux Boudots" AOC

Character of the wine

Nuits St Georges wines make you long to bite into them. Although their name evokes twilight and nightfall, these premier crus have a fairly vigorous nature, hard while immature, more caressing later on.

Les Boudots wines, rigorous and lively, with a high alcohol content and great finesse, are notable for their soft, perfumed bouquet, reminiscent of blackcurrants and wild blackberries; their bouquet alone makes them easy to distinguish from wines from other vineyard areas.

This wine dazzles you less by its body than by its subtlety. It is as if the Côte regretted having made an oversight, and had returned to Vosne for a moment.

They are a deep ruby in colour, and possess a vigorous personality, with fennel elements and aromas of red fruits.

The fine acidity that characterises these wines makes them perfectly balanced and suitable for lying down.

Wine datasheet

Total area under this appellation

6 ha 30 a 18 ca

Area under production at the domaine

38 a 55 ca


Fine textured clays loams on bajocien limestone

Grape varieties

100 % Pinot Noir

Average age of vines

30 years

Harvesting by hand exclusively

Hand-sorted in the winery


According to the quality of the vintage


30 to 40 % new oak barrels

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