Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru
"L'Instant" 2005
Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée

Grands-Echezeaux L'instant 2005

Character of the wine

To the Eye: A pure bright deep red, truly stunning. Clear and limpid, the shifting colour nuances often vary, though generally tending towards fairly dark shades of garnet or violet-purple: a colour that holds the eye.

To the Nose: With age, the palette tends towards pepper and musk, animal pelts, leather and spices, prunes. The bouquet hints at scents of woodland undergrowth, moss, mushrooms, damp earth, game, fruit preserved in alcohol and mulberries round off this range of aromas. Especially in young wines, one may well encounter scents of pine, dog roses, violets and fresh cherries.

In the Mouth : Peaceful and dreamy, serene with age, subtle and refined, this wine fully reveals the complex nature of a really good Burgundy, all the art that can be achieved through the medium of pinot noir grapes grown on one particular terroir. The structure is outstanding: solid, full-bodied, rich and exceptionally harmonious.

It is wholly appropriate for the qualification Great to precede Echezeaux in the name Grands-Echezeaux: it has that extra touch of class, of vinosity, and a dense and subtle texture.

Wine datasheet

Total area under this appellation

9 ha 14 a 45 ca

Area under production at the domaine

1 ha 44 a 40 ca


Rich in clay and fairly deep

Grape varieties

100 % Pinot Noir

Average age of vines

40 to 68 years

Harvesting by hand exclusively

Hand-sorted in the winery


100 %


100 % new oak barrels

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