Between nature and labour

The work continues in the vines in the months of June and July, it is during this period that we do the raising and the tying-down, which constitue of disposing of the vine branches and to fix the small branches between the steel wires. This work which requires meticulous and precise care, is to facilitate the passage of the tractors who are doing the treatments under the vigilant supervision of the person in charge of the crop and who will also judge of the frequencies of the treatments.

The "lutte raisonnée" applied by the Domaine during the last fifteen years permits to avoid the over treatment and the packing down of the soil by the repeated passage of the machinery.

The pre-green harvesting practiced by the property allows a better control of the quantities, qualities and maturity. Precise and meticulous, our winegrowers have to assess the strength of the rootstock and estimate the yield. It will determine the overall value of the crop.
Worried of the quality, which remains our principal target, Vincent supervises personally the cultivating work and he will not hesitate at any time during the course of the year to get involve actively in the work.